Supporting Those Who Support Us

The Montana Wildlife Federation has long been blessed with an amazing network of affiliate partners. From the dark timbered mountains to the breaky badlands, in local communities statewide, our affiliates are working tirelessly to protect and enhance public access, habitat, and wildlife. It is safe to say that Montana would look drastically different without them.

Dave Stone, Vice President for MWF affiliate Anaconda Sportsmen’s Club, showing off a beautiful 3-pound brook trout he recently landed.

We are so appreciative of the help we’re receiving during this difficult time. At this time, while we hope that you will continue to support us, we also hope that you consider supporting our affiliates in your local communities. Like so many others, our affiliates are canceling crucial fundraising events that enable them to do the work that benefits their local communities. These are the groups who are pulling fences, teaching hunters education, and speaking up for wildlife, habitat, and access during the legislature. The groups need your support.

MWF is mindful of those around us and the struggles they are facing. Our thoughts are with those in our state and our world who are being adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage everyone who supports us to also support our partners who make our conservation efforts possible and better your community. Do what you can, give where you can. We’re all in this together.

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