Supporting our Network of Dedicated Affiliates

MWF is fortunate to work with our network of dedicated affiliates. In an effort to better support the work our affiliates do, in 2019 MWF started an affiliate grant program to award funding to our affiliates who are working with conservation-minded landowners on wildlife habitat protection and enhancement.

20180517 085614 resizedMWF awarded one of the first of these grants to the Western Bear Foundation (WBF). Due to the increasing presence of grizzly bears near Valier Montana, residents have become increasingly concerned about bear activity near Lake Francis Campground, which is directly adjacent to the town. 

WBF and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks identified a need for better bear-proof garbage cans at the campground.  In an effort to be proactive, mitigate conflict, and protect wildlife, WBF placed 6 Kodiak Bear Proof Containers at various locations around the campsite. The garbage cans are 96 gallons each and are able to be dumped by sanitation staff without having to leave the vehicle.

Bear proof garbage cans will help prevent grizzly bears from using the campground which is within Valier town limits. Additionally, the visibility of such receptacles will promote bear aware behaviors and actions in the town community. Keeping bears away from town and showing that agencies and organizations are working hard to keep people safe will aid in building tolerance for the grizzly bear population in the area. 

20180517 085434 resizedMWF is proud of the work that our affiliates, like WBF, do. We are looking forward to awarding our 2020 grants soon and support more quality work from these conservation stalwarts. We encourage you to also support your local MWF affiliate by becoming a member or donating to them today. If you would like to learn more about MWF’s affiliate program, contact Marcus Strange at


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