Montana Wildlife Federation Objects to Insurrections at Capitols

The last week has been a challenging time for our entire nation. The deadly, unprecedented attack on the U.S. Capitol by a mob was totally unacceptable and a direct assault on our Constitution and values as Americans. And now law enforcement is reporting credible threats that more violence could be coming, including here in Montana. This must stop, immediately. This is not who we are.

For eight decades, MWF has engaged in vigorous public engagement in the democratic process.  We were founded when a handful of average Montanans decided to stand up to the Robber Barons who pulled the strings at the State Capitol – and for 85 years we’ve fought special interests to protect the right of every Montanan to enjoy our outdoors and natural heritage.

We have never been shy about disagreements or leading peaceful protests. We know that fights in our Republic are settled by vigorous but peaceful debate, not violence, nor even the threat of violence. Armed intimidation of lawmakers is contrary to the values of our state, our citizens and our community.  Remember, just a few years ago, MWF co-led a thousand Montanans to peacefully and legally rally in our Capitol – without a single act of violence or vandalism. We support free and fair elections, and the results of those elections, regardless of partisanship. The election of 2020 is no different: some candidates won, some lost, and there has been no evidence whatsoever of widespread irregularities in Montana nor across the country. We at MWF pride ourselves at reaching across the aisle to both Republicans and Democrats in Helena and Washington to advance our mission in support of wildlife, habitat and access. We fervently believe that conservation brings people together. The safety of law enforcement, journalists, local, state and federal employees, lawmakers and their staff and of course, the public, should never be in jeopardy as they carry out the People’s business.

During this trying time – and whatever times are ahead – know that MWF will continue to support our country, the rights enshrined in our Constitution, and the right and responsibility of all Montanans to participate in the democratic process.



The MWF Board of Directors

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Alec Underwood

Senior Policy & evelopment Director

Alec is responsible for developing and implementing MWF’s federal conservation advocacy and policy campaigns to protect Montana’s fish and wildlife. He spends most of his free time hunting big game and fly fishing Montana’s cherished trout rivers. He also enjoys backpacking, skiing, photography, and woodworking.