Garden for Wildlife: Certified Wildlife Habitats

MWF has been working with National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife Program to certify the City of Billings as a certified community wildlife habitat. 

Garden for Wildlife is a national program started by the National Wildlife Federation 45 years ago. The program has more than 200 Certified Community Wildlife Habitats throughout the nation and has made an impact on over 150 million acres of suburban and urban habitat.

Given the current climate crisis and the significant decline in species diversity in the past few years, the Montana Wildlife Federation found it pertinent to start engaging Montana’s citizens to help make the biggest city in the state more wildlife-friendly. 

In order to certify Billings as a Community Wildlife Habitat, we need to get over 400 certification points. Points are obtained by creating certified wildlife habitats in different places throughout the city.

At home gardens – 1 point

Public Spaces – 3 points

Schools – 5 points 

A wildlife habitat needs to meet certain qualifications in order to be eligible for certification. Each wildlife habitat needs food, water, cover, places to raise young, and sustainable practices. To see a full checklist of what is needed to certify your garden.

Our garden for wildlife program has an outreach team that meets monthly to talk about strategies and plans for the success of the program. Interested in joining our outreach team? Email our Eastern Montana Field Coordinator at

Check out our Billings community and the progress we have made toward certifying!