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We are passionately committed to preserving Montana’s unique and diverse wildlife.

Photo: Janko Ferlic

Bison Restoration in Montana

The resolution strongly supports creating a conservation herd of at least 1,000 bison over 100 square miles. It should involve the public and Tribal communities, minimize conflicts with livestock, ensure disease-free bison classified as wildlife, handle excess bison, and have proper infrastructure, funding, and staff.

Hound Hunting of Black Bears in Montana

The resolution opposes hound hunting of black bears in Montana as unnecessary and harmful to black bears and the image of sport hunting.

science-based climate change policy

The resolution urges all levels of government to address climate change promptly using science-based solutions. It also emphasizes the importance of educating the public about the causes and threats of climate change, as well as the potential solutions.

Coldwater Fisheries

The resolution emphasizes protecting Montana’s cold-water fisheries by implementing angling closures if temperatures become critical, maintaining water flows and quality, and ensuring adequate funding. It proposes the establishment of a task force to develop a science-based solution for addressing climate change’s impact on the state’s cold-water fisheries.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Montana

The resolution urges Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) to prioritize public education on CWD, improve testing availability and turnaround times, ban game farms, prevent unprocessed cervid transfer, enforce proper carcass disposal, manage ungulate herd sizes, and increase funding for CWD research and management.


Forest Management and Wildlife in Montana

The resolution stresses prioritizing ecosystem management, habitat diversity, and functional ecosystems in resource management. It calls for proactive coordination of forest resource management across public and private lands to address climate change impacts and advocates for the protection of wilderness study and roadless areas.

Resolution on Fair Chase Hunting

The resolution acknowledges the importance of ethical and fair chase hunting for safeguarding our hunting heritage and effectively managing wildlife. The Montana Wildlife Federation (MWF) resolves to support legislation and policies that encourage these principles. Conversely, the MWF will oppose legislation and policies that fail to abide by the principles of fair chase.

Feral Pigs in Montana

The resolution urges the state of Montana to take proactive measures in preventing the establishment of feral pigs. It emphasizes the importance of monitoring and preventing the introduction of invasive wildlife. Furthermore, the resolution calls for the state to prioritize information dissemination and enforcement efforts that highlight the detrimental impacts of feral pigs on Montana’s citizens, agriculture, wildlife, and habitat.

Grizzly Bear Management in Montana

The resolution expresses concerns about several bills (HB 224, SB 314, HB 225, and HB 468) due to their potential impact on non-target species, specifically grizzly bears. The bills permit the use of neck snares, baiting around wolf traps, extended trapping seasons overlapping with bear activity, and hound hunting in areas where grizzly bears are present.

Conservation of Native Fish in Montana

The resolution prioritizes the preservation of Montana’s natural heritage by maintaining diverse native species. It emphasizes maintaining water quantity and quality standards, protecting critical native fish habitat, and preventing the isolation or extinction of native fish populations by ensuring adequate stream flows. Adequate funding, restoration of native fish populations, careful evaluation of fish introductions, and highlighting the impacts of illegal introductions on native fish are also emphasized.

Non-toxic Ammunition in Montana

The resolution supports the widespread use of non-toxic ammunition in hunting and emphasizes increasing education on the negative impacts of lead on wildlife. It urges the State of Montana to expand non-toxic ammunition education through a fair and transparent public process.

Montana Stream Access

The resolution supports the preservation of stream access rights for the public under existing Montana law. Additionally, it urges the Montana Legislature, FWP, and the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission to take measures to protect and uphold these rights.

Tribal Sovereignty

The resolution supports tribal sovereignty in managing natural resources, including fish and wildlife. It commits to increasing outreach efforts, developing strong relationships, and opposing any attempts to diminish tribal regulatory and management capabilities. Additionally, the resolution pledges active support for tribal fish, wildlife, and habitat projects that benefit shared interests.

Wolf Management in Montana

The resolution urges the repeal of listed laws and the restoration of science-based, fair chase wolf management. It opposes unethical hunting practices and supports the use of science and a fair public process in setting wolf hunting parameters. Additionally, the resolution expresses support for maintaining healthy carnivore populations in Montana.

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Jeff Lukas – MWF Elk Campaign Manager

Jeff Lukas

Elk Campaign Manager

Jeff Lukas is a passionate conservationist who has been fishing and hunting his entire life. Whether it’s floating a small stream chasing trout, pursuing elk in the high country, or waiting in a blind for ducks to set their wings, Jeff is always trying to bring more people afield to show them what we are trying to protect. He loves being in the arena, and he will never shy away from conversations about the beautiful and unique corners of Big Sky country.