Protect your National Monuments.

Last December, President Trump announced that protections will be removed from the Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument and Bears Ears National Monument.  He is also considering similar changes to several other national monuments.These actions by the President to close off our public lands ignored overwhelming support by the majority of Americans who have stated that these places should be left alone.  Last May, MWF conducted a scientific poll of Montanans which found that 58% of respondents said that we should leave national monuments the way they are, with an additional 16% calling for more land to be protected through more monument designation rather than less.Despite public support for national monuments, Congress is now fast-tracking legislation that would further damage these public lands:
  • HR 3990 would rewrite the Antiquities Act to make wildlife habitat ineligible for protection in national monuments and give local politicians veto power over monument designations.
  • HR 4558 would repeal protections for the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and put federal lands under control by special interests.
  • HR 4532 would ignore local support and open up the Bears Ears National Monument to mining and looting.
These bills put every national monument in jeopardy, including our our Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument.   They threaten your public access for hunting, fishing, hiking, and paddling.   Send a message to Congressman Greg Gianforte to oppose these bills and stand with Montanans!

Congressman Gianforte: Protect Our National Monuments!

Re: HR 3990, HR 4558, and HR 4532

Dear Representative Gianforte,

I am a Montanan who hunts, fishes, and recreates on the incredible public lands that America has to offer. Public lands are part of my history and heritage as an American and a Montanan.

National monuments like the Upper Missouri River Breaks ensure the continued protection of my public lands and keep them managed by and for the people. For more than a century, the Antiquities Act has given Republican and Democratic Presidents the ability to ensure the permanent protection of these dwindling landscapes.

Congress is currently considering three bills (HR 3990, HR 4558, and HR 4532) aimed at stripping protection from my public lands and hindering effective management. These bills would close off public access for hunting and fishing, open up monuments for develoment, and give control of national public lands to special interests.

HR 3990, HR 4558, and HR 4532 would put every national monument in jeopardy, including our own Missouri Breaks National Monument. They do not address real management needs, and they do not serve the interests of Montanans or Americans. Voting for these bills ignores Montana voices and would harm our public land heritage.

I ask you stand with myself and your other constituents and reject these damaging bills.

**your signature**

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