MWF 2019 Voting Record

PublicLandsRallyWEBThe Montana Wildlife Federation has for decades put out a voting record on key bills that came up during the Legislative session. Now the 2019 version is ready for viewing.

MWF and our conservation partners saw some significant wins this past session on our key issues. That includes protecting Habitat Montana; the budget for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and on bills protecting our heritage of ethical, fair chase hunting.

It’s all included in the voting record, with descriptions of key bills and a record of where legislators came down on those measures. The voting record is not a scorecard and is not meant to express support for our opposition to any candidate. Rather, it’s an accounting of each legislator’s position on these important bills.

MWF is thankful to all of our grassroots volunteers who showed up and spoke up for wildlife, habitat, and access. Take a look at the voting record here, and thanks again for making the voice of dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen heard this past session in the state Capitol.

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