The Basics of Butchering

A crash course in processing your own game

Alexis Butchering

Last Saturday, 25 people attended a workshop hosted by MWF member and Artemis co-founder Alexis Bonogofsky on the basics of butchering your own deer or elk. It was a mixed crowd at Alexis’s family farm – young and old, women and men, seasoned hunters and some just getting into it, some with previous experience in butchering, and others with no experience at all.

Alexis, with her loyal dog by her side, began by breaking down the hindquarter of an elk, muscle by muscle, and then demonstrated the process of trimming the meat showing people what muscles made good steak, good roasts, and what meat is good for sausage or burger. She also went over the process of removing the back straps and inside tenderloin and how to care for the meat from the field to the butcher shop

Butchering Demo

After the initial demonstration, people were invited to the butchering table for hands on learning. A mule deer hindquarter was brought out and individuals were able to put their newly learned skills to the test.

Local beer, snacks, and freshly butchered deer and elk were then available for everyone. The elk was a 9-year old cow and the deer was a mule deer buck shot in the rut. A few people couldn’t taste the difference….That’s the benefit of DIY butchering!

Keep an eye out for more events like this as we partner with local hunters and anglers to teach newcomers both the field and technical skills necessary to be successful from field to plate, and how to be full-time conservationists!