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Conservation and protection of our wildlife, public lands, and public access doesn’t just happen; people make it happen. MWF knows that navigating the numerous issues and policies that affect conservation can be challenging and daunting. We’ll walk you through the basic information you’ll need to comment on land use plans and advocate for conservation. MWF has read the whole Resource Management Plan, created comment writing talking points, and have summarized the most important information.

Writing comments can be intimidating. When non-profits and action-based organizations ask for comments on government processes that tend to have 1,000-page documents with ample unknown abbreviations and legal language, it is hard to know where to start and to feel qualified to comment. Anyone and everyone is qualified. It is great if you are an expert or a professional conservationist, but there is no requirement to be one! Comments can be 100 pages long with intricate details, scientific evidence, and legal jargon, or they can be a few sentences explaining why you value hunting in a specific area or that you want to protect a place where you enjoy hiking or bird watching- the most important thing is that you tell your story. Personal comments give reasons for agencies to care about a place just as we do. Tell the agency who you are, where you are from, and how these big decisions impact your life. 

If you are rolling up your sleeves and wanting to dive in deep with your comment writing, the first place to start is with the resource management plan itself. These documents can typically be found online on websites, such as the BLM planning website. Annotate/read/skim/flip-through the document and educate yourself, formulate opinions, and contribute to conservation. There are multiple ways to submit comments. You can email comments directly, mail them in, or submit them online on the BLM planning website.

 More tips on how to write strong comments

Submit your comment on the Lewistown RMP

It isn’t always plain and simple if you have questions reach out to our Eastern Field Rep. Melissa Petrich @