Tell State Land Board to Approve Horse Creek Conservation Easement

The proposed Horse Creek conservation easement near Glendive is a sterling example of what Habitat Montana is all about.

Horse Creek Easement
This project would protect in perpetuity more than 15,000 acres of private ranchland from development, and keep it in a working cattle operation. It would forever open up nearly 20,000 acres of private and public land to quality hunting for mule deer, white-tailed deer, antelope and upland birds. And it would still allow the holder of the mineral rights to responsibly develop those rights while giving the landowner a seat at the table to ensure it’s well planned and thoughtful.

The whole proposal would be paid for largely with hunter license dollars through Habitat Montana, one of our state’s most successful conservation and access programs. It’s truly an exemplary project that won the unanimous support of the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission this month. But last week the state Land Board kicked the can down the road and delayed Horse Creek. Please contact the board and tell members to support this easement that supports our agricultural economy, our wildlife, and our hunting heritage.

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