Renewed Oil and Gas Leases Threaten Badger-Two Medicine

Sixteen Diverse Sportsmen Organizations Signed and Sent a Letter to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke

Photo by Kendall Flint, President, Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance

In recent months, the Badger-Two Medicine has been in the conservation limelight as renewed oil and gas leases threaten this sacred space. The Badger-Two Medicine is a wild landscape that holds historical, cultural, ecological, and religious significance to the people of Montana.  On October 30, sixteen diverse sportsmen organizations signed and sent a letter to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke asking him to stand up for the Badger. Because of the high value of the Badger-Two Medicine Area, public and private interests have repeatedly come together to protect this vitally-important national resource and this time is no different. Alongside all those who value the Badge-Two Medicine, sportsmen are the among the most passionate advocates for this sacred space and will continue to advocate for the permanent protection of the Badger.