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Greetings Affiliate Club Leader,

As you may know, National Wildlife Federation, Missoula County, Montana Environmental Information Center and the Montana Chapter of the Sierra Club and recently joined by the Salish-Kootenai and the Nez Perce tribes filed a lawsuit in District Court concerning the Exxon/Mobil mega-load transport project.

MWF and some clubs have received letters from the Montana Contractors Association and/or Motor Carriers of Montana; in some cases, some attempted damming press as attached.

First, we want to alert you to this matter. Second, we want you to know that MWF is not involved in the suit or was not involved in deliberations to file the suit in any way.

MWF has responded to the correspondence we received with the accompanying/attached letter. In addition, I am providing you the response from the Park County Sportsmen below.

As you may be aware from other recent correspondence on other issues – there have been similar efforts to weaken the unity of sportsmen. You only need to look at the results of our work at the last session to determine…..why.

Thank you everybody, for all that you continue to do!

Craig Sharpe
Executive Director
Montana Wildlife Federation
(406) 458-0227

5530 N. Montana Ave

Helena, MT 59602
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This message brought to you by Montana's largest statewide wildlife organization of more than 7,500 conservation minded hunters and anglers with a common mission 'To protect and enhance Montana's public wildlife, lands, waters and fair chase hunting and fishing heritage'.

Hello all,

Attached is a pdf of a recent attack on the Park Co. Rod and Gun Club through a letter to the editor of the Livingston Enterprise. At the bottom of this message is our club response. The groups attacking the club are the Montana Contractors Association and the Motor Carriers of Montana. I won’t reiterate everything but if you read their letter and our response you’ll get point...entirely political. I am emailing you today to either cash in a favor (if you owe me one) or to ask for a favor (and be in your debt, not a bad thing to have from me). Below are the emails of Cary Hegreberg and Barry ‘Spook’ Stang who authored the letter to the editor. Please send them an email and chew their asses for this political B.S attack on our club, I will owe you one. And if you know anyone who would also write to them, forward this email on far and wide. The more the better as I would like to generate a couple hundred emails if possible. I have also included the names, phone numbers, and a few emails of their board of directors. If you want, include them or call them and let them know what the Executive Directors of their organizations are up to. I will be. I’ll bet some are unaware of this.

Thanks for your help and you can start cashing in the favors with me on May 1st.


Montana Contractors Association:

Executive Director: Cary Hegreberg


Board of Directors
Tony Martel
Martel Construction Co.
1203 S. Church
Bozeman, MT 59715
Dwayne Rehbein
Riverside Contracting, Inc.
5571 Alloy South
Missoula, MT 59808

Vice President
Russ Olsen
R & R Taylor Construction
1775 Love Lane
Bozeman, MT 59718

Scott Olsen
Helena Sand & Gravel
PO Box 5960
Helena, MT 59604

Deb Poteet
Poteet Construction, Inc.
9435 Summit Drive
Missoula, MT 59808
Dave Zinke
Knife River
4800 Wilkie Road
Missoula, MT 59808

Past President's Representative
Kerry Gray
Highway Specialties
2424 Old Havre Highway
Black Eagle, MT 59414
Mike Newton
Fisher Sand & Gravel Co.
PO Box 1246
Glendive, MT 59330

MCA Directors to AGC of America
Tom Evans
Derek Swank
Jan Livesay
Specialty Contractor Representative
Jeff Hollandback
Mountain West Holding Co.
PO Box 17823
Missoula, MT 59808

Executive Director
Cary Hegreberg
P.O. Box 4519
Helena, MT 59604

Associates President
Bill Lloyd
Great West Engineering
PO Box 4817
Helena, MT 59624

Motor Carriers of Montana


Barry “Spook” Stang
Executive Vice President
501 N Sanders #201
Helena, MT 59601
Phone 406-442-6600
Fax 406-443-4281
Cell 406-581-1298

Katie Bowlds
Administrative Assistant
Motor Carriers of Montana
501 North Sanders #201
Helena MT 59601
Phone 406-442-6600
Fax 406-443-4281

Park Co. Rod and Gun Club Response


The Board of Directors of the Park Co. Rod and Gun Club would like to address inaccuracies presented by Cary Hegreberg, Executive Director of the Montana Contractors Association, and Barry ‘Spook’ Stang, Executive Director of the Motor Carriers of Montana published in the April 14th Livingston Enterprise. Mr. Hegreberg and Mr. Stang request that our membership question our affiliation with the ‘Wildlife Federation’, a national environmental group who has filed a lawsuit to stop the movement of ‘mega-loads’ in western Montana. Both Mr. Hegreberg and Mr. Stang present a generalization so twisted that we can only come to believe that their real intention is to generate fear and suspicion in the residents of Park County. Fear and suspicion over what?

The key word which they very strategically leave out is ‘National’ because it is the ‘National Wildlife Federation’ that is in opposition to the mega-loads not a generalized ‘Wildlife Federation’. From our investigation into the matter we have found out that actually, the NWF is not in opposition to the mega-loads traveling through Montana but rather the current travel route. The NWF would like to see the route changed so that if an accident occurs, some of Montana’s best fishing rivers will not be jeopardized. Regardless of this strategic omission, neither the PCR&GC nor the Montana Wildlife Federation are in opposition. After reading their letter though, one could conclude that the PCR&GC is not only in opposition to but is also providing much needed, high-dollar financial support, at the expense of our members, to the NWF. It is a blatant lie aimed at creating suspicion and distrust.

To put it simply and bluntly, we are not an affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, we have never had any dealings with them, nor does any membership dues provide them financial support. However, this blatant and uncalled for attack on the PCR&GC makes us wonder if possibly we should get involved. Maybe we should help take on organizations which lie about us for their own political gain.

The PCR&GC is, however, a proud member of the Montana Wildlife Federation. To set that record straight, the MWF is not a part of the lawsuit filed by the NWF. As for financial support, the MWF pays a $37 per year fee for the use of ‘Wildlife Federation’ and that is it. I guess this is where Mr. Hegreberg and Mr. Stang find enough similarities to lump the ‘usual cast of characters’ together. We all have witnessed the 2011 legislative attack on do-it-yourself hunters and anglers. Those very same hunters and anglers who are our members. Of all the would-be groups around the state who could have testified at the legislature in support of our hunting and fishing heritage, only a handful of grass roots Rod and Gun Clubs, the Montana Wildlife Federation, and Montana Trout Unlimited were their daily. Mr. Hegreberg and ‘Spook’ Stang were no where to be seen.

We encourage our membership and community members to contact any club BOD at any time on this issue or any other issue that may arise in the future. We also encourage you to contact Mr. Hegreberg ( and Mr. Stang ( and the BOD of their organizations (which can be found online) personally and demand to know the real reason they are attacking your local Rod and Gun Club.

Best regards, the PCR&GC Board of Directors

Montana Wildlife Federation      5530 N. Montana Ave., Helena, MT 59601      Mailing address: PO Box 1175, Helena, MT 59624
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