Federation News -MWF Reveals Original Art for Montana Matters Campaign by Bitterroot Artist Cynthie Fisher

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Montana Matters Vision

Cynthie Fisher’s painting symbolizes the Montana Matters Collaboration for Conservation effort to promote the restoration of bison to suitable habitat. 

The American bison has largely been overlooked as a valued wildlife resource in North America and specifically in Montana.  The bison, an iconic wildlife species, was once the most abundant species in North America, its presence dominating the Great Plains.  For many, it remains “the symbol of the American West”. Unfortunately, for the last 100+ years the bison as free-ranging wildlife has been left behind during the recovery of nearly all the native large animals.  Many people now believe it is time to bring the bison back into the Montana Matters Postermainstream as a valued wildlife species.

250 limited edition prints are available for $150, signed posters for $25, and unsigned posters for $15.  You are also encouraged to visit the National Wildlife Federation website (www.nwf.org/RestoringBison) to learn more about its bison conservation efforts and here on the Montana Wildlife Federation websiteabout efforts to promote and enhance the value, visibility, awareness and stewardship of Montana’s wildlife and wildlife habitat.  We hope you too will see why “Montana Matters” so much to those of us who truly cherish those wildlife resources and the opportunity for all to enjoy them.

Please support this collaborative conservation effort by a direct donation to Montana Matters and/or by purchasing a limited edition print or poster of Cynthie’s painting

250 limited edition prints are available for $150, signed posters for $25, and unsigned posters for $15, plus shipping

Order Here by secure webpage Signed Print  

Cynthie Fisher Limited Edition Print of Original Art 23" X 24"
(18 X 20 image)



Montana Matters Poster featuring Cynthie Fisher's Bison 18" X 24"


$15 for an unsigned poster


For More go to: www.montanamatters.com and National Wildlife Federation

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