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MWF 2017 Legislative Voting Record

ADDED BY Mark ON 07.13.17

MWF 2017 Voting Record_Page_1

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Easements Benefit Agriculture and Wildlife

ADDED BY Mark ON 07.11.17

Mule Deer on Montana Ranch CC by Scott Akerman

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MWF, anglers push for new fishing access site on the Bitterroot River in Stevensville

ADDED BY Mark ON 07.11.17

Alec Underwood gives testimony at Stevensville town council.

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Make It Count for the Missouri Breaks

ADDED BY Mark ON 07.10.17

Upper Missouri Breaks NM - CC License - Bob Wick (2)

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MWF Calls for Answers, Access in Crazy Mountains

ADDED BY Mark ON 07.06.17

Loco Mountain in Crazy Mountains Montana. Photo by Mike Cline.

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Majority of Montanans Oppose Changes to the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

ADDED BY Mark ON 06.21.17

Two people look out over the Upper Missouri Breaks NM. - CC License - Bob Wick

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MWF 2017 Summer Newsletter

ADDED BY Mark ON 06.20.17

MWF Board Member Annie McLaughlin and friends hike the Crazies - Zach Porter

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Western Governor’s agree, Sage Grouse shouldn’t be managed based on population number

ADDED BY Mark ON 06.12.17

Sage Grouse. Photos by Bob Wick, BLM

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