MWF Gears Up to Fight

A Busy Legislative Session Ahead Fighting For Habitat, Access, and Wildlife

Photo by Marcus Strange.

The 2019 Legislature will, as always, be a busy one for issues that affect wildlife, habitat, and access for sportsmen and sportswomen, as well as recreationists. The session will be dominated by issues surrounding the state budget, Medicaid expansion, infrastructure funding, and education issues. But as always, natural resources bills will be prominent with Montanans.

In the state Senate, Republicans will hold a 30-20 majority, while in the House of Representatives, Republicans will have a 58-42 seat majority. Scott Sales, R-Bozeman, will again serve as Senate President, while Jon Sesso, D-Butte will be the Senate Minority Leader. In the House, Greg Hertz, R-Polson, will serve as Speaker, and Casey Schreiner, D-Great Falls, is Minority Leader.

As the majority party, Republicans will chair committees in both houses. The Senate Fish and Game Committee will be chaired by Senator Jennifer Fielder, R-Thompson Falls and the Senate Natural Resources Committee will be chaired by Sen. Jeff Wellborn, R-Dillon. In the House, the House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee will be chaired by Rep. Bob Brown (R-Thompson Falls) and Natural Resources Committee will be chaired by Rep. Kerry White (R-Bozeman). MWF will be working closely with lawmakers of both parties to ensure that FWP’s budget is sound and that key conservation priorities get the staffing and funding needed to manage our public trust resources.

Our ability to give Montanans a voice at the Capitol depends on your support.  Please make a quick donation to help us speak up for wildlife, hunting and fishing, and public access in 2019!”