MWF 2017 Winter Newsletter

Wildlife, Access at Stake in 2017 Legislature

Montana Capitol

Montana Capitol. Photo credit: Mark Dostal

Here we go again: the 2017 Montana Legislature will convene next month, and the Montana Wildlife Federation’s members, volunteers, and staff will be taking a leadership role on issues that affect wildlife, habitat and public access.

MWF and our conservation partners had numerous successes in the last Legislative session two years ago. We helped pass a major overhaul of Montana’s hunting and fishing license structure and fees. That vital bill helped shore up the finances for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks for years to come, while also simplifying the complex system of hunting and fishing licenses.

MWF also addressed several key conservation issues, including getting ahead of feral swine before they reach Montana; cracking down on intentional abuse of replacement hunting licenses; and overhauling how hunters tag game animals in the field to make it easier for hunters.

2015 was, overall, a good session for wildlife, habitat and hunters. But there’s work to do next year. In 2017, we have a strong agenda to build on our conservation successes from two years ago.

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