MWF 2017 Legislative Voting Record

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MWF 2017 Voting Record

The Montana Wildlife Federation 2017 Legislative Voting Record is a compilation of how state legislators voted on key issues during the 2017 Legislative Session. It is meant to provide information for the public on where legislators stand on issues that affect wildlife, habitat and public access. Votes were identified by a committee of MWF volunteers to provide a spectrum of high profile issues. Data were compiled by MWF staff from official Montana Legislative records.

This report uses the vote on a given bill that is most reflective of a legislator’s stance on the issue. MWF has compiled a Legislative Voting Record at the conclusion of each Legislative Session for more than 20 years. This report is produced for nonpartisan informational purposes so that MWF members can understand how lawmakers voted on issues of concern.  Support for or opposition to any given bill or resolution is not intended to provide an endorsement or rejection of any state legislator.

MWF 2017 Voting Record

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