Montana’s Wildlife Isn’t for Sale

Preserving Montana’s Fair Chase Heritage

On Thursday, the Senate Fish and Game committee will hear testimony on another important bill for Montanans and Montana’s wildlife.  SB 127, sponsored by Senator Jill Cohenour, will prohibit the sale of wildlife identification information for the purpose of hunting. In other words, it will outlaw the buying and selling of GPS coordinates and other information to use in locating trophy wildlife.  Simply put, this bill means that private individuals will no longer be able to profit by selling the location of trophy wildlife to the highest bidder.

Montana’s hunting heritage depends on everyone having an equal opportunity to pursue wild game, not just a few who can afford to pay.  SB 127 will also reiterate Montana’s commitment to the fair chase ethic.

The Montana Wildlife Federation (MWF) strongly supports preserving fair chase hunting and our public wildlife heritage. To this end, we are going to be working hard to pass SB127.

MWF will be testifying in favor of this bill at its hearing and turning out volunteers to speak up. If you would like to lend your support contact MWF Central Montana Field Representative Marcus Strange at