Make It Count for the Missouri Breaks

Upper Missouri Breaks NM - CC License - Bob Wick

Upper Missouri Breaks NM – CC License – Bob Wick

With some of the best public land wildlife habitat in Montana, the Missouri Breaks is an essential part of our hunting heritage.

For the last 17 years, the Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument has protected this land for future generations to hunt, float, and camp, while also preserving working ranches and other public land uses.

Unfortunately, the Interior Department has decided to reopen the books and investigate the Breaks, along with other national monuments around the country, with an eye toward reducing the size of the monument and rolling back its protection.

Two years of local effort went into protecting the Breaks, but they want to undo it with barely two months of public input.

Visit the link below to leave your comments on the national monument review. And do these three things to make sure your comments get the formal record:

1. Make it personal. The federal beancounters will do everything they can to ignore comments that they think are mass-produced. Make your comments specifically about the Missouri Breaks and why you value this land, so they know you are a real person who cares about a real place.

2. Provide specific examples of how reducing the size of the monument or limiting public access will impact your use of your public lands. The more specific you can be, the better.

3. Say why you are qualified to comment. This doesn’t have to mean that you have a professional or academic credential – it is just as important to have personal experience hunting, floating, or camping in the Breaks. Just make sure you specifically say that, so they know your voice matters.

Comment on the Breaks