Camo at the Capitol

Montanans, it’s time to show up and have your voices heard!  Our public wildlife, habitat and fair-chase sporting heritage depend on your involvement. Every two years, the Legislature convenes to discuss issues that matter to Montana’s conservation-minded hunting and angling community. Discussions in the halls of the Capitol help inform our legislature as to the desire of our community but it can’t come from lobbyists alone. Your voice matters, and we need your voice on Thursday, March 14th! We’ll provide the training, tools and talking points you’ll need to successfully engage members of the legislature on issues such as Habitat Montana (HB 265), Access (SB 301, HB 550) and Elk Management (HJ 18).


10 a.m. Meet at the Montana State Fireman’s Associates building at 200 N. Montana (just across the street from the state capitol) for lobby training.

11 a.m. Head to the Capitol to lobby legislators on our key priorities: Habitat Montana and protecting easements (HB 265), elk management (HB 497 and HJ 18), sage grouse conservation (SB 299) and access bills (SB 301, a good bill, and HB 550, a bad bill).

1 p.m. Meet with Gov. Bullock’s staff.

Lunch immediately after a brief meeting with the governor.

3 p.m. Senate Fish and Game Committee for the hearing on HB 265.

Leave right after the hearing is complete.

To RSVP view the Facebook event or by emailing

For questions about the event email our Conservation Director, Nick Gevock at