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More information on the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project

What is the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project (BCSP)?
BCSP is a ground-breaking collaborative effort that will protect and enhance hunting, fishing and other recreational opportunities on public land, in and around Blackfoot & Clearwater valleys, while helping to maintain and create jobs in the forest and recreation industry and support healthy, viable communities. This effort cuts through the divisiveness that commonly hinders public land management today and helps a diverse group of people and organizations reach common ground.

Who is involved?
The BCSP was assembled by a diverse coalition that includes hunters, anglers, ranchers, loggers, local businesses, outfitters, snowmobilers, county commissioners and many others who wanted to increase the conservation values, improve recreational access and better manage public while protecting local economy.

What does the project entail?
The project has already resulted in the creation of 138 jobs, bringing $33 million into the local economy through forest health and restoration efforts, reducing noxious weeds, restoring streams and selective, sustainable logging. It also entails the creation and maintenance of about 2,000 miles of multiple-use trails. It also includes the addition of 83,000 acres to the Bob Marshall, Scapegoat and Mission Mountain Wilderness areas. This cooperative effort will help ensure the Blackfoot Clearwater area remains Montana’s back yard for everyone who works, lives & plays in the Blackfoot-Clearwater area. It helps keep Montana . . . well, Montana!

Why does this project matter for hunters and anglers?
The Blackfoot-Clearwater area sustains wild elk, mule deer, whitetail, bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goats, black bear, mountain lion, native westlope cutthroat, bull trout and an abundant array of other wildlife. The Blackfoot and Clearwater Rivers and their public land tributaries offer amazing fishing, attracting anglers from across Montana and around the world. Every fall, thousands of hunters pursue big game in this rich landscape. The Blackfoot & Clearwater valleys are the weekend getaways for Montana hunters. Close to major metropolitan areas like Missoula and Helena, the area has long been a “meat and potatoes” hunt. Every year, freezers are filled with elk, deer, bear and moose from the surrounding lands. The Blackfoot-Clearwater Stewardship Project ensures that the area always remains a great place to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors.

How can I help?
We’re asking everyone who supports this effort to contact the Montana Congressional delegation – Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines, and Congressman Ryan Zinke – and urge them to introduce and support legislation that will implement the BCSP.